Mizela Corporation

World class video surveillance and security system solution provider.

Worldwide Proven Solutions

We offer comprehensive portfolio of world leading products and system solution for demand-based; innovative, high-quality integrated solutions, access control, intrusion, intercom systems and intelligent video analysis systems.

Cost Effective

Time equals money, and when scaled up to enterprise-size projects, ease of installation can save hours or even days to complete an installation that saves end user money. Delays caused by installation challenges can add up. We guaranty you products, systems and accessories simple to install and maintain.


Security is Key

When you are searching for the best monitoring system, determine what you want most in a security system. Many CCTV company makes things overly complicated that cause headaches. We provide compatible equipment from the most trusted brands complying with the international standards that serves the purpose of security on location.


Full Technical Support

We address specific problems with product or service together with technical engineers coming from the manufacturer side. To expedite response we deliver over by e-mail, live support on website or business partners utilize technical guides as a tool where they can directly download from the manufacturer’s websites.


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