Access Control Manager Professional

Avigilon™ Access Control Manager (ACM) Professional is a web-based, access control network appliance designed for small- to medium-sized installations, with up to 32 readers. Intuitive and easy to use, ACM Professional simplifies access control with a cost-effective, all-in-one appliance. With a small form factor and powerful performance, ACM Professional installs into compact spaces with limited power consumption requirements.


Avigilon™ Access Control Manager Professional provides the ease-of-use demanded by facility managers and the flexibility required by IT departments. Administrators can focus on securing facilities, people and assets without IT needing to deal with configuration issues,compatibility problems, system requirements and software vulnerabilities.


Unlike legacy, client/server-based access control systems, Access Control Manager Professional is accessible anytime, anywhere from any standard web browser, including Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Manage employee facility access privileges quickly and easily from any location without being tied to a dedicated client workstation or paying for individual software licenses per user.


  • Video and alarm integration with Avigilon™ Control Center (ACC)
  • Manage facility access from any web browser
  • Simplify security with an all-in-one network appliance
  • Install a cost-effective, easy-to-use security system
  • Eliminate the maintenance of servers and security patches

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