Education Solution

Is anything more important than our children? Protecting students at their schools, learning centers, and campus
facilities of all kinds has become more critical than ever. Because of their vulnerabilities, schools around the world
have been targeted by criminals. Hikvision’s Smart Solution for Schools and Campuses secures educational facilities
with its advanced technology, powerful cameras, and critical recording devices. In protecting these places of
learning, development, and exploration, campus security personnel worldwide will find this surveillance solution
from Hikvision to be an absolutely essential asset.

Smart Solution for School Facilities and Campus

• Ensure the security for students and staff
• Prevent school violence and valuable items theft
• Help authority to investigate incidents and identify suspects
• Increase campus management efficiency

Application Scenarios

Vehicle Access Control

Hikvision Vehicle Access system combines high quality ANPR cameras and back-end devices to create barrier linkage, B/W list filtering, and alarm triggering.

Parking Monitoring

Hikvision has a complete product solution for monitoring very large areas and detecting suspicious targets, even in dim light conditions. Additionally, our iVMS platform and LED indicators manage and display the availability of public parking spaces.

Playground & Perimeter

School playground or perimeter areas are difficult to monitor every angle and vulnerable to potential criminalities such as school violence.

Entrance & Lobby

In school, the main entrance and lobby areas are the most frequented locations that require high detailed facial images even in high lighting contrast environment.

Hallway & Corridor

The traditional bulky box type or dome type cameras brings a visible security presence for deterrence purpose. However, Hikvision’s mini & covert series cameras can give a more discreet and less intrusive solution to create a comfortable interior environment.

Library & Computer Room

In this spacious areas, less camera counts means less installation & labor fees. A high definition panoramic solution is ideal for these areas to get a maximum monitoring views and image quality insurance.

School Bus Tracking

On-road safety is the most concerned issue for school kids. Therefore school buses’ security becomes number one demand for education authorities and school facilities’ owner. Hikvision has a full range of products to help transit authorities to deter, prevent abnormal activities and for post-event investigation as well.

Security Center

Comprising all the important video footage of daily operations, bank office’s security center is a core of total CCTV system that requires utmost reliability and manageability for data protection and alarming operations.

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